This procedure is used for SQL-optimized SmartList objects to indicate how any additional tables used for the object are related to the main table. The procedure must create at least one record by calling Explorer_Set_SQL_Join_Info to be optimized.

The procedure must have the following parameters:

in integer IN_Object_Dict_ID;
in integer IN_Object_Type;
in Explorer_INT_List IN_Field_Dict_ID;
in Explorer_INT_List IN_Field;
inout integer Doc_Type;

IN_Object_Dict_ID – An integer specifying the ID of the dictionary that defines the SmartList object.

IN_Object_Type – An integer specifying the type of SmartList object. For SmartLists defined in the core application, the value corresponds to one of the constants defined in SmartList objects.

IN_Field_Dict_ID – An array of four integers containing the IDs of the dictionaries that define the fields being searched.

IN_Field – An array of four integers containing the resource IDs of the fields that are being searched.

Doc_Type – An integer indicating the type of document being displayed in SmartList. The value will be 1 for a Work document, 2 for an Open document, or 3 for a History document.

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