This procedure processes the Go To actions that were added to a SmartList object.

The procedure must have the following parameters:

inout anonymous field IN_ListView;
in integer IN_Object_Dict_ID;
in integer IN_Object_Type;
in integer IN_GoTo_Dict_ID;
in integer IN_GoTo_Item;

IN_ListView – A reference passed into the procedure that allows access to the List View field in the SmartList window. This field must be accessed to determine the current selection.

IN_Object_Dict_ID – An integer specifying the ID of the dictionary that defines the SmartList object.

IN_Object_Type – An integer specifying the type of SmartList object. For SmartLists defined in the core application, the value corresponds to one of the constants defined in SmartList objects.

IN_GoTo_Dict_ID – An integer specifying the ID of the dictionary that defined the Go To item.

IN_GoTo_Item – An integer specifying the unique ID of the Go To item to be processed.

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