This procedure indicates whether a specific SmartList object has been optimized for SQL Server. The procedure will be called multiple times, once for each field the user includes in the SmartList search.

The procedure must have the following parameters:

in integer IN_Object_Dict_ID;
in integer IN_Object_Type;
in integer IN_Field_Dict_ID;
in integer IN_Field;
inout boolean IO_Optimize;

IN_Object_Dict_ID – An integer specifying the ID of the dictionary that defines the SmartList object.

IN_Object_Type – An integer specifying the type of SmartList object. For SmartLists defined in the core application, the value corresponds to one of the constants defined in SmartList objects.

IN_Field_Dict_ID – An integer containing the ID of the dictionary that defines the field being searched.

IN_Field – An integer containing the resource ID of the field being searched.

IO_Optimize – A boolean that must be set by the procedure to specify whether the SmartList object or additional columns are optimized for SQL Server. The value true indicates the object is optimized, while false indicates it is not.

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