Microsoft Dynamics GP security model

In the Microsoft Dynamics GP security model, a user has default access to only the forms necessary to access the core application. The user must be assigned to one or more roles that provide access to the forms, reports, tables, lists, and SmartLists needed to complete specific tasks. The system administrator assigns to the appropriate roles to each user.

You should consider creating new tasks that provide access to the resources needed to complete the actions provided by your integrating application. For instance, the sample integrating application creates a task that controls access to lead management functionality.

You may also want to create additional roles that include the tasks you’ve defined, making it easy for the Microsoft Dynamics GP system administrator to grant access to your integration. Your integrating application should not assign roles to specific users. That should be done only by the system administrator.

If your integration works closely with a particular Microsoft Dynamics GP form, you may want to add an operation to the predefined task or tasks that provides access to the form. This additional operation specifies the resources are used for your integration. For example, if your integration defines a form that extends the Customer Maintenance form, you might want to add this to the “CARD_0201” task, which controls access to customer and address functionality.

The Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports window is used to grant access to alternate versions of forms or reports, which are part of a third-party integrating dictionary. Refer to Controlling form access and Controlling report access for more information about accessing alternate forms and reports.

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