Adding Quick Links

Quick Links on a Home Page allow users to quickly access windows in Microsoft Dynamics GP, external applications, and web pages that are important to their role. Commands you have defined can be used as Quick Links to provide access to windows in your integration.

The AddQuickLink procedure of the syHomePageQuickLinks form is used to add quick links to a Home Page template. You will use this command in the trigger processing procedure that adds Home Page items for your integration.

The following example is a portion of the IG_HomePage_SetupRoles trigger processing procedure that runs when a new Home Page is created for a user. The AddQuickLink procedure is called to add a link that opens the Lead Maintenance window in the sample.

in integer iIndustry;
in integer iUserRole;

local string sUserID;

sUserID = 'User ID' of globals;

{Add a QuickLink for all roles}
call AddQuickLink of form syHomePageQuickLinks,
	QL_COMMAND of form syHomePageMain,
	resourceid(command IG_Lead_Maintenance of form Command_IG_Sample),
	resourceid(form Command_IG_Sample),
	Window_GetMainWindowTitle(IG_PROD_ID, technicalname(form IG_Lead_Maintenance)),

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