Adding reports

The My Reports section on a Home Page allows users to easily access any reports they have added to their “My Reports” list. Any reports in your application that you have added to the Report List will be available for users to add to their Home Page. Refer to Report Lists for information about adding to the Report List.

It’s possible to add reports to the Home Page template for a role, but we suggest that you limit the number of reports that you add. The “My Reports” list is designed to be customized by the user, and shouldn’t be filled with reports that the user won’t access regularly.

If you do add reports to the Home Page template for a role, adding simple reports without report options may be the best choice. Reports that have report options may not be defined at the time the reports are added to the Home Page template.

The AddMyReport() function is used to add reports to a Home Page template. The following example is the IG_HomePage_SetupReports trigger processing procedure for the sample integrating application. This script runs in response to the user choosing to add reports for the Customer Service or Operations Manger role. It adds the Leads simple report to the user’s My Reports list.

in integer iUserRole;

local syReportData RptData;

{Add a simple report for all roles}
RptData:'Report Type' = REPORTTYPE_SIMPLE;
RptData:'Product ID' = IG_PROD_ID;
RptData:'Report Series DictID' = IG_PROD_ID;
RptData:'Report Series ID' = 1;
RptData:'Report ID' = ReptID_LeadsSimple;
RptData:'Report Option Name' = "Leads";
RptData:'DictID' = IG_PROD_ID;
RptData:'Resid' = resourceid(report IG_Leads);
RptData:'User ID' = 'User ID' of globals;
RptData:'My Report Name' = "Leads";

AddMyReport(RptData) of form syMyReportsObj;

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