Third-party help responsibilities

There are three areas to consider when implementing help: alternate windows, third-party windows, and alert message dialogs.

Alternate windows

If you distribute alternate windows in your application, the Microsoft Dynamics GP help system will continue to provide help for the window and all fields originally displayed in the window. However, your application’s help system will be responsible for providing field help for all global and local third-party fields you’ve added.

Third-party windows

Your application’s help system is responsible for displaying help topics for your windows. This includes any third-party fields added to the window, and any Microsoft Dynamics GP fields added to the window.

Alert message dialogs

If you choose to, you can implement alert message dialog help in your application. You can add a Help button to message dialogs displayed by the ask(), getstring(), error and warning commands. Clicking the Help button starts the help engine and displays a help topic relating to the message displayed in the modal dialog.

Due to limitations in determining the active application, we recommend that you don’t implement help for alert message dialogs that are generated from procedure or function scripts.

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