Using the Microsoft Dynamics GP help model

The Microsoft Dynamics GP help “model” is the specific implementation of HTML Help used for Microsoft Dynamics GP, encompassing the user interface for the help system. Using this help model will make your application look like an integral part of the system.

To see this model, examine the Develop.chm sample help file included with Dexterity. For detailed information about the help model, examine the archive. This archive contains the source files used to create the sample help file. You can use these source files in the help file for your application to reproduce the look and feel of the Microsoft Dynamics GP help.

Pay special attention to the GP.css file, which is the cascading style sheet used to format the information displayed in the help file. This is the same style sheet used to format Microsoft Dynamics GP help. You can use this cascading style sheet directly in your help file. You may also choose to create your own style sheet based on the styles defined in the GP.css style sheet.

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