Help issues for integrating applications

The following sections describe issues you’ll need to consider before implementing help.


We recommend that you implement window-level context-sensitivity for your integrating applications. Because of the large number of fields typically found in Dexterity-based applications, field-level context-sensitivity quickly becomes difficult to manage.

Alternate windows

Dexterity does not support context-sensitive help for a Microsoft Dynamics GP global field you add to a Microsoft Dynamics GP window. We recommend that you add a new local field to the Microsoft Dynamics GP window instead of adding a Microsoft Dynamics GP global field.

Avoiding context ID conflicts

If you use Microsoft Dynamics GP fields on a third-party window, or add third-party windows to a Microsoft Dynamics GP form, Dexterity may assign the same context ID to a third-party field and a Microsoft Dynamics GP field in the same window. This presents a problem, since the help system displays only a single help topic for two different fields.

To avoid context ID conflicts in the situations listed above, set the UseUniqueHelp property to True for all Microsoft Dynamics GP fields you use in your window. Then be sure you set the UseUniqueHelp property to False for all of your fields.

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