Compressing your dictionary

There are two types of compression: total compression and removing unused blocks. Total compression removes script source and all unused blocks from the dictionary. Removing unused blocks removes only unused blocks from the dictionary, leaving the script source intact. When distributing an application that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP, we recommend that you perform a total compression of your dictionary.

To compress your extracted dictionary, use the Compress utility in Dexterity Utilities.


Use the following steps to compress your extracted dictionary:

Start Dexterity Utilities and open your extracted dictionary as an editable dictionary, then choose Compress from the Utilities menu.

  1. Choose the Total Compression option.

Since this is a production release of your product, choose Total Compression as the compression option. This will remove unused blocks as well as script source.

  1. Begin the dictionary compression.

Click OK. The Compressed Dictionary Name file dialog box will appear, allowing you to enter the name and location of the compressed dictionary. Once you’ve created a compressed dictionary, be sure to use it with the remainder of the packaging process.

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