Completing the packaging process

If you’re preparing an extracted application for delivery to Microsoft Dynamics GP customers, or if you want to test the installation process for your application, be sure to create an installation file following the guidelines in Making Installation Files. An installation file allows you to:

If you’re simply testing your extracted application with an unmodified Dynamics.dic dictionary in a multidictionary environment, you can edit the launch file manually to include information about your application. Use Windows Notepad to edit the launch file. The following illustration shows the modifications necessary to launch the sample integrating application.

Microsoft Dynamics GP
Sample Integrating App.
:C:Dynamics GP/Dynamics.dic
:C:Dynamics GP/Data/Forms.dic
:C:Dynamics GP/Data/Reports.dic
:C:Dynamics GP/Develop.dic
:C:Dynamics GP/Data/F3333.DIC
:C:Dynamics GP/Data/R3333.DIC

Once you’ve modified the launch file, you can move your application dictionary to the location you specified in the launch file, and launch Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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