Testing the installation process

Once you’ve created a chunk dictionary, test the installation process. Be sure to complete the installation using an unmodified Microsoft Dynamics GP system that’s set up the same as the one your customers use. To complete the installation process, perform the following steps:

  1. Make a backup of tables that will be updated.

Make a backup of all tables you’re updating during installation, as well as the launch file (DYNAMICS.SET). To test the installation multiple times, you’ll need to restore any tables updated during the installation, as well as the launch file, with backups you make here.

  1. Install the chunk.

Place a copy of the chunk dictionary in the same location as the Dynamics.dic dictionary and launch the accounting system. A dialog box appears asking whether you’d like to include new code. Click Yes. The runtime engine will “unchunk,” then synchronize your application dictionary. Any installation scripts will then run. When the installation is complete, the login window will appear.

  1. Check installation items.

Log into the sample company. If you used an installation script, examine whether the script was run correctly. If the installation wrote records to multiple companies or for multiple users, be sure those records appear properly for each company and user.

  1. Make any necessary changes.

If your application doesn’t install properly, check the following:

After installation, a single application dictionary will have replaced the chunk dictionary or dictionaries. The chunk also will have updated the launch file with the correct location of the integrating dictionary.

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