Reviewing Microsoft Dynamics GP changes

Once all your application’s resources are in the updated version of the development dictionary, use Dexterity to begin the process of changing your application to function with the updated version. Depending on the number and type of Microsoft Dynamics GP resources you reference in your application, the impact of changes will vary. The following table shows the typical changes you may need to address.



Impact of changes

Data Types

Data types may change to account for a larger storage size, or a different control type (such as changing an integer to a long integer). If you use a Microsoft Dynamics GP field in your tables, and the data type for that field changes, you may need to convert customer data in that table. See Converting data for additional information.


New Microsoft Dynamics GP fields may have the same names as fields in your application. When testing your application, this will result in illegal address errors. If this is the case, rename your application’s fields where appropriate, and change scripts that reference those fields.


Microsoft Dynamics GP procedures may change in functionality, or in the number, order and type or parameters used in the procedure. If parameters change, you won’t be able to compile the calling script in your application.

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