Building an update chunk dictionary

Once you’ve updated your application to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP, use Dexterity Utilities to build the new version of your application and deliver it using an update dictionary chunk. An update dictionary chunk can perform the following:


Once your updated application is ready for packaging, complete the following steps:

  1. Build a new application dictionary.

Start Dexterity Utilities. Using the new version of your development dictionary, build your updated application dictionary like you normally would. This includes extracting the dictionary, transferring alternate forms and reports, adding product information, and compressing the extracted dictionary. However, do not build a chunk dictionary yet.

  1. Build an “input” file for report update (optional).

If you have made database changes that affect reports, such as removing fields from tables, you may want to create an input file that will be used when the report update process is run. The input file contains information about how reports should be updated to accommodate database changes you have made. Contact Dexterity technical support for information about creating this input file.

  1. Create the chunk dictionary.

Although you can create a chunk dictionary that contains only the resources that changed, we recommend that you deliver your entire application dictionary using a chunk dictionary. This method has a distinct advantage, since you can deliver the same dictionary chunk to existing customers and to new customers.

Refer to Updating an Application for information about creating an update chunk that contains only new and changed resources.

To create a chunk that contains all your application’s resources, use the same procedure you used when packaging your application using the Auto-Chunk utility. Refer to Building a chunk dictionary for information about using the Auto-Chunk utility.

  1. Test the update chunk.

Move a copy of the chunk dictionary to the same location as an unmodified installation of the latest Microsoft Dynamics GP system. When you launch the application, a message will appear asking whether you want to include new code; click Yes. Once the chunk dictionary “unchunks,” the login window will appear. Log into the sample company and check to verify that your application installed properly.

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