WiX (Windows Installer XML) is a toolset that is used to create installers based on Windows Installer Services. XML source files are used to specify the characteristics of the installer being created. WiX provides a large feature set and can be used to create sophisticated installation routines.

The sample installer templates were written for WiX release 3. They were tested with build 3.0.5419.0 of WiX.

WiX is available under Microsoft’s Shared Source Licensing Program. You can learn more about this program at the following site:



WiX is still in active development, with new features being added. Quality of the WiX toolset has reached a level that production installers can be created with it. You can download the latest version of the WiX toolset from this location:



After installing the WiX toolset, you should add the folder that contains the WiX binary files to the PATH environment variable on your system. This allows the WiX tools be accessed easily from the command prompt.

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