Adding multiple-instance support

To allow your integration to work with multiple instances of Microsoft Dynamics GP on a single workstation, you must perform an additional procedure for your completed installer. This procedure applies 50 additional transforms to the installer, corresponding to each additional instance of Microsoft Dynamics GP that can be installed. To add multiple instance support, complete the following steps:

  1. Copy the completed installer file.

Make a copy of your completed installer (.msi) file and place it in the Transform folder where you created the installer.

  1. Edit the Transform.xml file to add GUID instances.

Using a text editor, open the Transform.xml file in the Transform folder. This file contains 50 GUIDs, one for each installed instance of your product. You must supply a set of 50 new GUIDs for this file, replacing the text “NEW GUID” with a GUID you have generated. The following example from the sample integration’s Transform.xml file shows the format required for the GUIDs:


The set of 50 GUIDs must be changed each time you change the product code for your application.

  1. Create a temporary folder.

In the Transform folder, create a temporary folder named “Temp”. This folder will contain the code blocks that will be merged into your .msi installer file.

  1. Generate and apply the transforms.

Use the following syntax with the GenerateTransforms.exe application to generate and apply the transforms to your installer:

GenerateTransforms.exe filename.msi "Temp\\"

Replace filename with the name of the installer file you created. You will see the processing occur as each transform is applied to the installer file. The completed .msi file will be somewhat larger after all of the transforms have been added.

  1. Test the completed installer.

Be sure you have at least two instances of Microsoft Dynamics GP on your system. Run the installer for your integration. You will be asked which instance of Microsoft Dynamics GP you want to install the integration into.

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