Installer template overview

The WiX installer template can be found in the Samples folder installed with Dexterity. Look inside the Installer folder for the template files. The template provided can be used to create an installer that does the following:


You can use this template to install your integration. Since it uses the standard WiX toolset, you can enhance your installer with any other capabilities provided by WiX.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP installer allows up to 50 additional instances of Microsoft Dynamics GP to be installed on a single workstation. Special code was written to support this scenario. Ideally, your integration should support being installed into any specific Microsoft Dynamics GP instance. The WiX installer template described here provides this capability.

The following are the basic steps needed to create an installer using the WiX template provided:

1. Complete the components to be installed.

All of the dictionary chunks, help files, and any other files required for your integration should be complete.

2. Update the license agreement.

A license agreement template is provided by the installer. It should be updated to display the license terms for your integration.

3. Modify the WiX project file.

Use a text editor to modify the WiX project (.wxs) used for your installer. You will perform actions such as adding the components to the installation.

4. Edit the WiX localization file.

Use a text editor to modify the WiX localization (.wxl) used for your installer. The localization file contains the text that will appear in the installer.

5. Update the CustomActions script file.

You must modify the CustomActions.vbs script file to include the upgrade code for your integration, as well as the integrating application’s dictionary name, forms dictionary name, and reports dictionary name. These values are necessary so earlier versions of the add-in can be upgraded.

6. Build the installer.

Using tools from the WiX toolset, you will create the Windows Installer file.

7. Use the transform tool to add multiple-instance support.

The tool modifies your installer to support multiple Microsoft Dynamics GP instances.

8. Modify Setup.ini to indicate your installer.

The Setup.msi file must be used to launch your installer. The Setup.ini file must specify the name of the MSI file you created for your installer.

9. Ship the finished installer.

Include all of the components of the installer.

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