The List_RegisterAction() function defined in the syListObj form is used to register commands that appear in the action pane for a list. The commands must be registered for them to be accessed by other list processing code.


List_RegisterAction(list_object, command, command_type, action)


list_object – The list object (composite) that specifies characteristics for the list. This value will have been passed into the procedure that is registering actions for the list.

command – The command resource that is being registered for the list’s action pane.

command_type – A constant that specifies the conditions under which the command will be active on the action pane. The value corresponds to one of the following constants:





The action is available when only one item is selected in the list.


The action is available when one or more items is selected in the list.


The action is always available.

action – A long integer value that specifies the action that will be performed for each of the items selected in the list. Typically, this value is a constant that was defined for the specific list action.

Return value

A long integer containing the index of the registered command.


This function is used during the list initialization procedure.

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