The List_FormatCurrency() function defined in the syListObj form is used to format currency values for list data displayed in the Information Pane, included in a report, or exported to Microsoft Excel.


List_FormatCurrency(currency_value, currency_index, use {, currency_symbol})


currency_value – The currency value being formatted.

currency_index – A integer specifying the currency index to use for formatting. If the currency index isn’t known, the number of decimal places can also be specified by this parameter.

use – An integer indicating where the formatted currency is to be used. Based on the intended use, the currency will be formatted appropriately. The value corresponds to one of the following constants:





The value is being formatted for exporting to Excel.


The value is being formatted for display in the Information Pane.


The value is being formatted for display in the report generated from the list content.

currency_symbol – An optional boolean parameter. The value true indicates the currency symbol should be shown, while the value false indicates it should not.

Return value

A string containing the formatted currency value.

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