The ConfirmAction() function of the form ListObj_DropDialogs is used to display a confirmation dialog for the user before an action is applied to the marked list items. If the user confirms the action, the action will be performed.


ConfirmAction(list_type, action_ID, track_messages, action_name, button_prompt)


list_type – An integer that specifies the type of list for which the action is being performed. The value corresponds to one of the following constants:





A card list


A transaction list


A report list

action_ID – A long integer specifying the ID of the action to be performed if the action is confirmed by the user. If integrating with an existing Microsoft Dynamics GP list, this must be an encoded ID.

track_messages – A boolean specifying whether status messages will be tracked and displayed by the message bar for the list. The value true indicates status messages will be tracked, while false indicates they will not.

action_name – A string specifying the name of the action being performed. This name will be used in the status messages for the action.

button_prompt – A string specifying the text displayed in the button for the drop-dialog.

Return value

An integer specifying the drop-dialog status. The value OKAY is returned if all properties of the drop-dialog could be set properly. Any other value indicates an error occurred.


The following illustration shows the drop-dialog displayed by the ConfirmAction() function.


To cancel the confirmation dialog, press the ESC key.

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