The RegisterListNavigationCommand() function defined in the syListObj form registers the command that opens a list. The command must be added to one of the command lists used for the Navigation Pane.


RegisterListNavigationCommand(command, list_dict_ID, list_ID, form_dict_ID, form_ID, sublist, list_type, parent_command)


command – The command that is defined to open the list.

list_dict_ID – The ID of the dictionary that is defining the list.

list_ID – An integer specifying the unique identifier assigned to the list.

form_dict_ID – The ID of the dictionary that contains the form used to define the list characteristics.

form_ID – The resource ID of the form that defines the list characteristics.

sublist – An integer specifying the sublist to be displayed. The sublist is used when a single list form is used to display different sets of information. The sublist value indicates to the list which set of information to display. In the list processing code, the sublist specified by this parameter can be retrieved using the SubList component of the ListObjState composite. If no sublist is being used, specify the value 0.

list_type – An integer specifying the type of list being registered. The value corresponds to one of the following constants:





A card list


A transaction list

parent_command – The command list for the Navigation Pane into which the command being registered had been added.

Return value

A boolean. The value true indicates the navigation command was registered successfully, while the value false indicates it was not.

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