The CreateDefaultCustomViewRecord() function defined in the syListViewObj form is used to create a custom view for a list.


CreateDefaultCustomViewRecord(list_dict_ID, list_ID, name, local_ID, view_ID)


list_dict_ID – An integer specifying the ID of the product that defines the list.

list_ID – An integer specifying the ID of the list for which a custom view is being created.

name – A string specifying the name to display for the new custom view.

local_ID – A long integer that will be saved with the custom view. This value can be used to identify the view if the view record needs to be retrieved at a future time.

view_ID – A returned long integer containing the ID value that Microsoft Dynamics GP assigned to the custom view. This value will be used in the functions that defined the characteristics of the custom view.

Return value

An integer indicating whether the default view information was created. The constant OKAY indicates the information was created. Any other value indicates an error occurred.

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