The SetIndex procedure defined for the sySecurityTaskOperations form is used to specify a security operation that will be examined for its current status. The procedure is used when an integration defines a new security type, and the operations for that type are displayed in the Security Task Setup window in Microsoft Dynamics GP.


SetIndex of form sySecurityTaskOperations, task_state, task_ID, dict_ID, operation_ID, security_type


task_state – A composite of type sySecurityTaskOperationsState that maintains the state information for the operations in the specified task.

task_ID – The ID for the current task. This is typically the 'Security Task ID' field in the syTaskEntry winow of the sySecurityTaskEntry form.

dict_ID – An integer specifying the dictionary that defines the security type and operations.

operation_ID – An integer specifying the ID of the operation that is being examined.

security_type – An integer specifying the security type that contains the operations.

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