The ScBar_AddExternalFile() function adds a shortcut for an external file to the Shortcut Bar.


ScBar_AddExternalFile(type, name, parent_ID, shortcut_display_name, filename)


type – An integer indicating whether the shortcut is being added for a specific user or for a specific user class. Use one of the following constants (which are part of the syScBarObj form):





The shortcut is being added for a specific user.


The shortcut is being added for a specific user class.

name – A string specifying the user name or user class to which the shortcut is being added.

parent_ID – An integer indicating the parent node to which the shortcut will be added. The value 0 indicates the root level.

shortcut_display_name – A string containing the text that will be used for the shortcut.

filename – A string specifying the complete path to the file. The path must be in native format.

Return value

A boolean. True indicates the shortcut was successfully added, while false indicates it was not.

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