Microsoft Dynamics GP Record Source mapping option

On the Options tab of the Integration Mapping window, you can specify additional options that indicate how Integration Manager should handle special circumstances. This part of the documentation contains reference information for some of the additional mapping options that are available.

Each child recordset in the Microsoft Dynamics GP destination adapter contains the Record Source mapping option.

The following table describes the rules available with the Record Source mapping option.



Use Default

The default values for the fields in the recordset are used, regardless of the field rule selected for each field.

Use Field Rules

The rules chosen for individual fields in the recordset are used.

Use Source Recordset

This rule is available only for recordsets that allow multiple sets for each record. It allows you to specify a query to associate with the recordset. One set of items will be read into the recordset for each row returned by the selected query.


All fields in the recordset will be made empty, regardless of any default values or rules you have applied to individual fields.

Default (Non–Imported)

For some recordsets, such as Distributions, Microsoft Dynamics GP provides default values. If you choose to map selected fields in the recordset, you can choose this rule to have Microsoft Dynamics GP provide default values for the remaining fields.

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