XML source adapter

With Integration Manager and its XML adapter, you can quickly and easily move XML data into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The XML source adapter allows you to create integrations that use XML files as source data. Then, you can map the source data to any destination, depending on which destination adapters you have.

To use the XML source adapter, you use the XML Source Definition window to define your XML source. You can define the source from scratch or simply point to an XML file and let the adapter do the work for you. Integration Manager uses this definition to convert the XML structure into a document definition it can use. A document definition is the metadata that Integration Manager uses to describe the structure and content of the source. It describes recordsets, hierarchical relationships, fields, data types, and more. It is analogous to an XML schema, but it usually contains more information.

After the document definition is set up, you use the Integration Mapping window to map the source data to a destination. In addition to mapping source values to the destination, you can choose from a number of additional rules for each field, including:

When you add an XML source to an integration, you are telling Integration Manager the format of the source data to be used. When you add a source, you can choose to define a new source or select an existing source. You complete adding a XML source by defining the properties.

You can add only one XML source to any integration. You cannot add two XML sources and link them together as you can with ODBC and text sources. You must remove the old source before adding the new XML source, or you must create a new integration.

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