Security considerations for integrations

Integration Manager provides powerful integration and import capabilities. Be aware, however, that some functionality that is designed to improve performance may have security implications. Use special care when working with the following features of Integration Manager.

VBScript   If you use VBScript to open a connection to a destination, be sure to close it at the end of the script to help prevent unauthorized use of that connection. For more information, see Integration problems.

Command line integrations   If you run integrations from the command line and create a login macro, note that the macro will need to store a User ID and Password to launch Microsoft Dynamics GP. Be extremely cautious in who has access to the directory location where the macro is stored. For more information, see Recording the login macro.

Rule properties for override fields   If you set up rules that allow a value to be overridden, and if your company‚Äôs business practices require that a password be entered to override that value, Integration Manager can store the appropriate password. Be extremely cautious in who has access to the integrations that have this capability. For more information, see Adapters and Destination Mappings.

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