Registering Integration Manager

When you purchased Integration Manager, you were provided with valid registration keys. You can enter Integration Manager registration keys in the Integration Manager Registration window. You also can include registration keys in the Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.IntegrationManager.ini file. Refer to Storing registration keys in the Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.IntegrationManager.ini file for more information. After you register Integration Manager, you can set up and run integrations.

Use the following procedure to register Integration Manager using the Integration Manager Registration window.

To register Integration Manager:

  1. Start Integration Manager, and from the Integration Manager Not Registered window, click Register Now.

– Or –

From Integration Manager, choose Tools > Registration.

The Integration Manager Registration window opens.

  1. In the Integration Manager Registration window, enter the site name exactly as it appears in your registration keys.
  2. Enter the unique set of registration keys you were given when you purchased Integration Manager and click OK.

Integration Manager is now registered on your workstation. If you need to register Integration Manager on multiple workstations in a network environment, continue with the following steps to use the IM Registration Key Utility.

  1. From the computer where you registered a single installation of Integration Manager, use Windows Explorer to browse to where you installed Integration Manager—usually C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\Integration Manager—and double-click IMRegistrationUtility.exe.

The IM Registration Utility window opens. Note that the default location points to where Integration Manager is installed and the default file name is IMReg.xml.

  1. From the IM Registration Utility window, click Finish to create a registration entries file. You can accept the default location and file name for the file.
  2. On the message that appears, which explains that the registration entries file has been created, click OK.
  3. Copy the file that you just created to each workstation that has Integration Manager installed and put it in the Integration Manager application directory. Registration settings will be imported the next time you start Integration Manager.

When you start Integration Manager, Integration Manager verifies if the Registration Keys are valid. If the keys are not valid on any of the workstations, Integration Manager notifies you that required information is missing or not valid, and you’ll need to fix it before you can use Integration Manager.

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