Integration Manager installation requirements

Administrative rights

You must log in to your computer or network as a user with full, local administrative rights before installing and running Integration Manager.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

If you are using the Microsoft Dynamics GP destination adapter, you must install Microsoft Dynamics GP before you install Integration Manager. If you select to install the Microsoft Dynamics GP destination adapter when Microsoft Dynamics GP isn’t installed, a message appears.


If you select to install the Microsoft Dynamics GP eConnect destination adapter, runtime components for eConnect will be installed also. The full version of eConnect, which contains licensing, tools for eConnect development or custom integration work, won’t be installed.

Microsoft Dynamics GP in other countries

If you use Microsoft Dynamics GP in any country other than the United States, contact the sales/support office in your country for information about configurations that have been tested with Integration Manager. In some countries, Integration Manager must be used on an “admin” installation of the client software that uses the U.S. dictionary and runs on a U.S. version of the operating system.

Windows Internet Explorer® 7.0 or Internet Explorer 8.0

Integration Manager includes a Script Library for Integration Manager, a collection of commonly used scripts you might find useful in your integrations.

Microsoft Data Access Components

The latest version of Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) must be installed on your computer before you install Integration Manager. You also should install the latest Windows Service Packs.

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