Starting Integration Manager

You can start Integration Manager from the Start menu (Start > Programs > Microsoft Dynamics > Integration Manager > Integration Manager), or you can start Integration manager from the Microsoft Dynamics GP application.

In order to run integrations, you must have administrative privileges on the workstation. If you are not the administrator of the workstation, you can run the RegMon or FileMon applications to see what items you do not have security access to.

To start Integration Manager:

  1. Start Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  2. Choose Tools > Integrate > Integration Manager.

You also can use the shortcut command alt+f12 to launch Integration Manager from Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  1. If Integration Manager is not registered, a message appears. Click Register Now and enter the correct product registration keys.

If the Integration Manager menu item is not available on the Tools menu in Microsoft Dynamics GP, check with your system administrator to be sure you have access to Integration Manager.

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