Converting a database

Use the Database Conversion window to convert a database from a previous version of Integration Manager to an Integration Manager 2010 database.

To convert a database:

  1. Open the Database Conversion window.
    (Tools > Convert Database)
  2. Click Select Database. Browse to the location of the database to convert and select the database.
  3. Click Open.
  4. Click Convert Database. The database is converted and a check mark is added to each step when the conversion for that step is completed successfully. The new file (Converted_<Name of database>) and a log file (Converted__<Name of database>.log) are saved to the same folder location as the original database.

If any of the steps in the list were not completed or converted successfully, a warning icon is displayed by that step. Click the warning icon to find out why the step was not converted successfully. You can view the log file (Converted__<Name of database>.log) to find out more information about a conversion that was not completed successfully. Contact Microsoft Dynamics GP support for more information.

  1. Click OK when the conversion complete message is displayed.
  2. When you are finished, click Close to close the Database Conversion window. You can click on the converted database file to open Integration Manager.

You can complete the following optional tasks.

If the file extension is .imd, you can double click the file to open your Integration Manager database. If you change the extension to .mdb, you’ll need to open the database file from Integration Manager.

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