Using an existing integration

Use an existing integration if you periodically run an integration or if you need to finish or edit an integration you already started to build.

If you are creating an integration that is similar to an existing integration, you may want to start with a copy of the existing integration rather than creating the integration from scratch.

To use an existing integration:

  1. From the Integration Manager toolbar, click Open Integration.

The Open Integration window opens.

  1. Select the name of the integration to open, and click Open.

The Integration window opens.

If the integration you opened is complete and you are ready to run it, refer to Running integrations.

  1. To make a copy of this integration, choose File > Import Integrations or Export Integrations.

If you are importing the integration, refer to Importing integrations.

If you are exporting the integration, refer to Exporting integrations.

This creates another integration that contains the same source and destination. You will be prompted to rename the integration name and integration source names if you are importing into the same Integration Manager database file.

  1. Edit the integration, as necessary.

If you are using a master level destination, select a destination edit mode in the Integration Properties window (Integration > <integration name> Properties) before you save the integration. See Running integrations for information about setting the destination edit mode.

  1. Choose File > Save Integration to save the integration. You also may want to make a backup of the Integration Manager database file to protect against losing the integrations you created.

Integrations are stored in a database file. You can specify the location of the Integration Manager database file using the Options window. Choose Tools > Options to open the Options window.

If you are ready to run your integration, refer to Running integrations.

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