Creating a new integration

The first step in building an integration is to create the integration, which contains information about the sources, destination, and mapping.

To create a new integration:

  1. From the Integration Manager toolbar, click New Integration.

The Integration window opens, and the Properties window for the integration opens.

  1. Enter an integration name and an integration description.

Use any integration name that helps you and others easily identify the integration.

The integration description can provide information about the integration, such as a short description of the source and the destination, as well as a date or a time interval such as “monthly” or “daily.”

If you plan to add a text or an ODBC source, don’t use ODBC reserved words in the column names for the ODBC source or destination. These words can prevent the integration from running properly. For a list of ODBC reserved words, go to and search for “ODBC Reserved Words”. You’ll find a list of reserved keywords in Appendix C of the ODBC Programmer’s Reference.

You do not need to define the other properties on the General tab until later. In fact, you can’t define some of them, such as the destination edit mode, until you add a destination to the integration. From the Properties window, you also can add scripts to the integration (see Using scripts) and set properties for the integration log (see Managing logs).

  1. Click OK to close the Properties window.

The name of your integration is displayed in the Integration window.

If you are using a master level destination, select a destination edit mode in the Integration Properties window (Integration > <integration name> Properties) before you save the integration. See Running integrations for information about setting the destination edit mode

  1. Choose File > Save Integration to save the integration. You also may want to make a backup of the Integration Manager database file to protect against losing the integrations you created.

Integrations are stored in a database file. You can specify the location of the Integration Manager database file using the Options window. Choose Tools > Options to open the Options window.

See Adding sources to add a source to this integration.

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