Adding simple ODBC sources

If your source data is in a single ODBC table or view, which is the case for most SQL/ODBC databases, then add a Simple ODBC source to your integrations.

To add a simple ODBC source:

  1. Open the integration to add a source to.
  2. From the Integration Manager toolbar, click Add Source.

The Add Source window opens.

  1. In the Adapters pane of the Add Source window, expand the ODBC/Text folder, and select Simple ODBC.

The available Simple ODBC sources appear in the Sources pane.

  1. From the Sources pane, select an existing Simple ODBC source or select Define New Simple ODBC and click Open.

If you select an existing Simple ODBC source, the source is added to your integration. You don’t need to set up the source properties.

If you are creating a new Simple ODBC source, the Properties window opens, allowing you to set the different properties of the Simple ODBC query. See the topic Setting up general properties for ODBC sources.

If you try to add an existing simple ODBC source to an integration that already contains ODBC/text queries, you are asked to create a relationship between the new and existing queries.

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