Adding sources to an integration

Depending on which source adapter you are using, you can add new or existing sources to an integration. For ODBC and text sources, you may be able to add more than one source to an integration. For the XML source adapter, however, you can add only one source at a time. For this adapter, you need to remove the existing source before adding another source to the integration. See Removing a source from an integration for more information. If you try to add more than one source to an integration that contains an existing source, a message appears.

To add sources to an integration:

  1. Open the integration to add a source to.
  2. From the Integration Manager toolbar, click Add Source.

You also can right-click on the Sources item in the Integration window, and from the menu that appears, click Add Source.

The Add Source window opens.

  1. From the Adapters pane, select the source adapter to use.
  2. From the Sources pane, select the name of the source or, if available, click Define New Source, and click Open.

The window that opens next—a Properties window, a Source Settings window, or no window—depends on which source adapter and source you are using.

  1. If you are defining a new source, set up the source definitions.

For more information about adding text and ODBC sources, see Using ODBC and text sources.

For more information about setting up XML source definitions, see Setting up XML source definitions.

  1. If you are adding a source that uses source settings, define them on a Source Settings window. Source settings connect the actual source to the source adapter in Integration Manager. These settings include, but are not limited to, File Path, Filter, Use Filter, User Name, and Password. For more information about specifying XML source settings, refer to XML source settings.

After you select a source and, if necessary, set up source definitions and source settings, the source appears in the Integration window, and you can continue to build your integration.

You can drag a source file from the desktop or Windows Explorer onto the Integration Manager workspace and the Integration Source Properties window automatically opens. For the new source, the default Delimiter setting is Comma. Change the Delimiter and First Row Contains Column Names settings to match the file information.

  1. Choose File > Save.

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