Setting up general properties for text sources

When you add a new text source to an integration, the Properties window opens. Use the following procedure to set the options on the General tab of the Properties window.

To set up general properties for a text source:

  1. Open the properties window for a new text source
    Open an integration > Add Source > Text > Define New Text
  2. Specify the Name and Description of the text source.

The name should describe the type of information retrieved by the text query. An optional description should provide information about the source, such as what type of data is retrieved by the query or what data is contained in the source.

A source can be used by multiple integrations, so be sure to provide enough information so the source can be used easily by another Integration Manager user.

Don’t use ODBC reserved words in the source name. They can prevent the integration from running properly. For a list of ODBC reserved words, go to the MSDN online library ( and search for “ODBC reserved words”. You’ll find a list of reserved keywords in Appendix C of the ODBC Programmer’s Reference.

  1. In the File field, enter or select the path to the text file that is being used as the source.
  2. Specify the delimiter used for the text file, and whether the first row of the text file contains column names.

Delimiter   The delimiter indicates which character or characters separate the individual data items in the text file. For example, a comma-delimited text file has a comma between each data item.

First Row Contains Column Names   Select this check box to use the names in the text file when referring to columns. Otherwise, Integration Manager provides a set of default names.

After setting up the general properties of the text source, you need to set up the other source properties. Refer to Setting additional properties for ODBC or text sources for more information. Be sure to save your source when you are finished.

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