Using a template for XML source definitions

Before you integrate XML source data through Integration Manager, you must set up a document definition that describes the structure of the source in terms Integration Manager can use. While XML uses “elements” and “attributes” to describe the structure of data, Integration Manager uses the terms recordsets and fields. You define the source document definition by setting up properties in the XML Source Definition window.

To set the XML source definitions, use the Template button on the XML Source Definition window. The template approximates the structure of an XML source that you select and converts it into recordsets and fields—a structure Integration Manager can use.

When using the template, you select an XML data file. To quickly approximate the source structure, the XML source adapter scans only the first few records of the XML source you selected, making the template a convenient tool for starting the document definition process.

To use a template for XML source definitions:

  1. In the XML Source Definition window, click Template.
  2. From the Open window, select the XML data file that uses the structure you want to use in the XML Source Definition window and then click Open.

The file you select does not need to be the file you use as your source. It simply needs to represent the same data structure as your source. Later, when you specify source settings, you set the path and file name of the actual source.

After you click Open, the XML Source adapter approximates the structure of the data, converts it into a hierarchy of recordsets and fields, and then displays this new structure in the XML Source Definition window.

  1. Review and, if necessary, edit the properties.

The default value for Data Type is “String,” and the default value for Key Field is “No.” You may want to change these default values, especially for Data Type. See Setting up XML source definitions for more details.

  1. Save, and then close the window.

The Source Settings window opens if you are assigning the XML source to an integration. You can use this window to connect this document definition to the source containing the data to integrate. At this point, you are no longer setting properties that are attached to the source. Source Settings are properties of the integration. See XML source settings for more information.

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