Defining XML source settings

Source settings connect the source document definition to an actual source by having you specify a file name. The Source Settings window also provides a filter that you can use to define precisely which documents from the source to integrate.

To define XML source settings:

  1. Open the Source Settings window.

The Source Settings window automatically opens when you first add a new or existing XML source definition to an integration.You can use this window to specify the physical data file to be used for the integration. If you already added a source to the integration, you can double-click Source Settings in the Integration window.

  1. Click in the Value column next to File Path, and then click the Lookup (...) button. The Open dialog box opens.
  2. Navigate to the source file and select it. Then, click Open. You also can type or paste the path and file name.

By specifying a file path in the Source Settings window, you are connecting the document definition of the source to the actual source.

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