Previewing sources

Before you run an integration, it’s useful to know that the source you have created is returning the data you expect.

To preview a source:

  1. From the Integration window, right-click the source to preview.
  2. On the menu that appears, choose Preview <name of source>.

Depending on which type of source you are previewing, either the Data Viewer or the Source Preview window opens. For those source adapters that use source settings, you can preview the source only if you have specified accurate settings on the Source Settings window.

  1. Examine the data returned by the source to verify that the source is working properly. If you are using a text or ODBC source, search for empty fields or incorrectly formatted data, such as account numbers that have characters missing, and check that the data types are appropriate. See Data types for more information about selecting the appropriate data types.
  2. Close the Data Viewer or the Source Preview window.

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