Adding the destination

From the Add Destination window, you can add a destination to an integration. When you add a destination to an integration, you are attaching a description of the destination’s data structure and content to the integration. That description is known as the destination document definition.

You can only add one destination to each integration.

To add the destination:

  1. Open the integration to add the destination to.
  2. From the Integration Manager toolbar, choose Add Dest.

You also can right-click on the Destination item in the Integration window, and choose Add Destination.

The Add Destination window opens.

  1. From the Adapters pane, select the destination adapter to use.

The Adapters pane lists all destination adapters that are available to you. The destination document definitions for each adapter appear in the Destinations pane as you select the different adapters. Most destination adapters include predefined destination document definitions, such as General Journal or Payables Transaction.

  1. From the Destinations pane, select a destination and click Open.

For some adapters, a Destination Settings window opens, where you specify how the integration connects to the destination application or database. Refer to Specifying destination settings for more information.

If you use an existing destination, be cautious about changing its properties because it might be attached to other integrations. If you change the properties of a destination in one integration, you are changing the properties of the destination in all integrations in which it is being used.

  1. Choose File > Save.

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