Specifying destination settings

After you add a destination to the integration, the Destination Settings window opens where you can specify how Integration Manager will connect to your Microsoft Dynamics GP database.

To specify destination settings:

  1. Open the Destination Settings window.
    (Integration > Destination Settings)

You must add a destination to the integration before you’ll be able to open this window. Refer to Adding the destination for more information.

The Destination Settings window for each of the destination adapters looks slightly different, and the settings that you’ll define will differ, depending on which adapter you’re using.

  1. Specify the destination settings by clicking in each field and entering the appropriate information. After you enter the information, you can click Set As Default to save these settings. If you choose to do this, the settings you entered are saved and used in each session. To clear these settings, click Clear Default.

If you need to run an integration for several companies, you can change the destination settings each time you run that integration, or you can create a separate integration for each company.

  1. When you are finished specifying destination settings, click Close.

When you close this window, the destination settings are saved with the integration. To display these settings again, choose Integration > Destination Settings.

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