Understanding enumerations

An enumeration is a data type that is restricted to a fixed set of named values. When you set the value of an enumeration field, you supply the integer value or string that corresponds to one of the items in the enumeration.

To view a list of the items in the enumeration, view the properties for the field. The enumeration items are located on the Other Information tab. See Viewing enumeration items.

If you choose the Use Source Field rule to supply the value of an enumeration, the value from the source should be the integer or string corresponding to the appropriate item in the enumeration. Using the example above, the value of the field can be set to Percent either by mapping the value 2 or by mapping the value Percent from the source data. You can use a translation to map values from the source file to the appropriate integer value.

If you choose the Use Constant rule to supply the value of an enumeration, the items from the enumeration appear in a list in the Source column. Select the appropriate value from the list. The value you select will be used for all records that are integrated.

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