Importing integrations

You can import integrations from another database to the current Integration Manager database. Choose Tools > Options to determine the current database.

Importing an integration does not remove it from a database. Instead, a copy of the integration is imported to the current database. To remove the integration from the other database, change the Integration Manager database path to point to the other database, and use the Object Browser window to delete the integration.

To import integrations:

  1. From the File menu, choose Import Integrations.
  2. From the Open window, select the database to import an integration or integrations from, and click Open.

The Import Integrations window opens.

  1. Select the integrations to import and click Import.

As you click integrations to select them, you can press the shift key to select a range of integrations and the ctrl key to select integrations that are not listed next to each other.

If an integration with the same name already exists in the current database, Integration Manager prompts you to rename the integration you are importing. Integration Manager also prompts you to change the name of the integration’s components if components with the same name already exist in the current database.

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