Specifying the integration log level of detail

You can specify the level of detail to include in the log. The following table describes the detail levels.




Basic information about the integration is logged, including starting and ending times, completion status, and record counts. Information about individual records is logged if a warning or error is encountered.


In addition to summary information, information about every integrated record is logged. This can produce a large log.


Detailed information is logged for all aspects of the integration. This is intended primarily as a debugging tool. Because of the large quantity of information logged, it is best to store this type of log in a text file.


No information is logged for the integration.


To specify the integration log level of detail:

  1. From the Integration window, select the integration and click Properties.
  2. In the Properties window, choose the Logs tab.
  3. Change the level to the desired level of detail for this integration.

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