Creating integration groups

Use the following procedure to create an integration group.

To create an integration group:

  1. In the Integration window, select Objects from the toolbar to open the Object Browser window.
  2. Select Integration Groups as the type, and double-click Define New Integration Group.

The Properties window for the integration group opens.

  1. Enter the name for the integration group. You also may want to provide a description of the integration group.

The integration group description should provide information about the group, such as which integrations it contains or when it should be run.

  1. Choose the Integrations tab to specify which integrations will be part of the group. Click in each line and select an integration from the list that appears. The integrations run in the order you add them to the integrations list.
  2. For each integration, specify how errors will be handled. If an integration in the group fails, you can choose to have the integration group stop or have the remaining integrations in the group run.
  3. Click OK to save your changes and close the window.

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