Recording the login macro

The login macro logs in to Microsoft Dynamics GP the same way you would as a user. It types the user ID and password, and selects the appropriate company.

To record the login macro:

  1. Start Microsoft Dynamics GP. Do not log in.
  2. At the Welcome window, press alt+F8 to begin recording the login macro. Name the macro and save it in a known location, such as the Microsoft Dynamics GP folder.
  3. Log in to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Be sure to manually type any user ID and password information so this information is captured by the macro.

Storing the password in a macro could be a security issue.


  1. After you have logged in to the accounting system, stop recording the macro. To stop recording the macro, from the Tools menu, choose Macro and choose Stop Record. You also can press alt+f8 to stop recording.
  2. Edit the macro using a text editor such as Notepad to add the following line as the second line of the macro:
Logging file 'macro.log'

Adding this line prevents any message displayed by the macro, such as the total running time, from being displayed on the screen and preventing the login to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Instead, all messages generated by the macro are written to the MACRO.LOG file.

When you have finished editing the macro, save your changes.

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