Attaching scripts to ODBC or text sources

ODBC or text sources are accessed using VBScript objects. You can use these objects only in the Before Query and After Query scripts. For more information, refer to VBScript objects. The most common tasks performed with the query object are:


Use the following procedure to attach a script to an ODBC or text source.

To attach a script to an ODBC or text source:

  1. Open an integration.
  2. From the Integration window, select the source, choose Properties on the toolbar, and choose the Scripts tab.

A list of the scripts for the source appears.

  1. Select the script from the list.

The type of script you choose depends on when the script should run.


Script event


Before Query

The script runs once before any data is retrieved from the source.

After Query

The script runs once after Integration Manager has processed all source records for the source.

  1. Click Open Script.

The Script Editor window appears, where you can write the script.

To remove a script, select the script in the list and choose Remove Script.

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