Database Conversion window


This window allows you to take a database from a previous version of Integration Manager and convert it to a database that you can use in the current version of Integration Manager. If you have old data files (from versions of Integration Manager prior to version 9.0), contact support for help with converting those files.

After you convert your SQL Optimized data to version 2010 for the eConnect adapter, review your destination settings and verify that they are correct.

When a database in converted, the following items are checked

Create Database   Creates a new integration database (.MDB)

Data Sources   Upgrades data sources in each integration

Integration Groups   Upgrades integration groups

Integrations   Upgrades integrations

Queries   Upgrades queries that are currently set up

Query Groups   Upgrades Query Groups

Translations   Upgrades translation mappings

If an error icon appears next to any of the items, you can check the log file for details. The log file for the converted database is saved to the same location as the converted database. The log file name is the same as the converted database, except it has the “.log” extension. For example if the converted database is called Converted_IntegrationManagerDatabase.IMD, then the log file will be called Converted_IntegrationManagerDatabase.IMD.log.

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