Types of modifications

You can use the Modifier to make three basic types of modifications: modifying the appearance of windows, making global changes to the interface, and adding new controls.

Modifying windows

With the Modifier, you can change the appearance of individual windows in the accounting system. This allows you to customize your system to the way you work. For instance, a common window modification is hiding fields that you won’t be using. Another common modification is changing the order in which the focus moves from field to field to reflect the way you enter data into the system.

Making global interface changes

The Modifier also allows you to make changes that will be reflected throughout the entire interface. For example, most of the strings that are displayed in the interface can be modified. If you were to modify the string “ZIP Code” and change it to be “Postal Code”, the change would be seen in every place the string “ZIP Code” was used.

Adding new fields

You can also use the Modifier to add new fields to windows in the accounting system. This capability is designed primarily for users who also use Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA), Visual Studio® Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP, or the Continuum API to further customize Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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