To get the most benefit from the Modifier, you need to understand the structure of an application like Microsoft Dynamics GP that is written in Microsoft® Dexterity. The interface is composed of windows and forms.


A window is the work area used to enter and display information in an application. Windows in a Dexterity-based application are the actual windows you see when you run the application.


A form is a collection of windows, menus and other resources that function together for a common purpose. For example, four windows work together to handle customer information. These windows are:


Because they work together, these windows are grouped into a form named RM_Customer_Maintenance.

Forms are typically named based on the type of action the user is performing. Every window in a Dexterity-based application is part of a form. When you use the Modifier to work with window, you must first find and open the form that contains it.

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